How To Make Money With Properties

How to Use Your Property to Make Money In 2022

This is how to use your property to make money in 2022 and beyond…

As I start this letter to you. There is something I would quickly want to tell you and by telling you, I want you to make it so bold and clear that you don’t forget…

Property does not have any value; people make it valuable.

Let me say it in another way so that you can really get it.

Property does not have value; the value is in people...

Therefore if you get this angle right, you would realize that for your property to make any money, you won’t focus on the property but on the people.

The Money comes from people, not property.

How to use your property to make money?

To say it clearly to you…

You are not in the property business but in people’s Business.

The first question…

What need do people have that I can use property to solve?

Look at this…

Mr Henry has a landed property on a side of Lagos where people come for shopping a lot. They had nowhere to park their cars. It was creating social menace.

What he did is to turn his opening space into a parking lot and he was generating money.

By the way, he was making so much money that he started buying other income producing assets from the income.

Look at this other example;

The other day, we bought land that had water on it and no one seems to want it…

We worked on the landed property through a process I called Asset Optimization.

What does that mean?

We worked with our professionals to make the place habitable that people can build their private residence on the land and make the environment habitable for them.

The land made us money hector became what people want.

People see it as where they can build what they want on.

The common factor in making money in real estate is people. Without people, there is no value.

The money is in people. The appreciation any property enjoy is the appreciation people give to it.

The value any property has is measured by what people see themselves using it for.

Let me come back to you now…

If you have land and you can create a farm on it and people want the harvest. The property is making you money.

If you have land that people can use for a car park and pay you for it, you are making money from it.

I started working on what I call Michelangelo Model in Real estate.

What does that mean? It begins with a question?

What can we use this property for?

What else can be done with this property?

How can we optimize the use of the property?

Let me say this to you…

If you know how to change the usage, you would change the value and if you can change the value, you would change the income it produces.

If you are interested further, you can learn from the Real Estate CashFlow Machine book.

I wrote that book and it was my journey on how I was able to create a big fortune in maximizing the usage of properties.

I created multimillion dollars in property investing by following the ideas in Real Estate CashFlow Machine.

If I can do it, why not you.

This is the blueprint that can help you to mint your own money in real estate.

If you need help or you want more clarity on how I have done it for me and 1000s of others, you can send a mail stating I need help!

Till Next Time…Peace Out!

Tade Cash

(King of Rental Income In Africa)

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