How to Invest in Real Estate for Passive Income

How to Invest in Real Estate for Passive Income

Maybe you have been searching for how to invest in real estate for passive income…

In today’s cash wisdom article, I will show you how to easily build a passive income stream with real estate investment.

Real estate investment can help you to create abundance if you truly know what you are doing.

What do I mean by that?

It is essential to get your perception right as far as investing is concerned.

It is essential… you can’t just be buying investing without knowing your “Why”.

Your “Why” is what determines your “How”.

Once upon a time, a lady came to me for advice on how she and her friends can make an investment. It is obvious that they want to invest but what is unclear is why they want to invest and what is the real purpose for their investment.

Your purpose for investing is your superpower.

That brings me to a simple idea…

What do you want your investment to help you do?

Do you want to work help daily to work your investment or do you want your investment to work for you daily?

Do you want a passive income that can fund your active life or the other way round?

If you want passive income…

Do you know what passive income truly is…?

It means your asset produces income for you predictably and perpetually without your involvement.

There are three ways to do that right now.

1 . You Can Borrow It.

How do you do that?

You can lease an apartment and create a short let from it.

You can lease a building and optimize it and earn on it for 8 to 10 years.

That is how I started my journey into earning passive income through someone else property.

But just having the property does not mean you would earn passively on it.

I created a company and management team to manage it for me.

So I manage the manager rather than the property. You can do the same…

2 . You Can Buy It.

A man bought 5 units of the Atlantica apartment opposite a private beach and he would be earning a minimum of 3M each on the building and he is not managing it.

A management company make that happen. That is what made it passive for him.

If you want to start doing this, focus on Multifamily apartments… it means you buy more in one place than spread it around.

That is what I have done too. It is an easier way to earn passive income.

3. You Can Build It.

You can start developing but make sure you develop multi-units and always see yourself as a passive income investor, not just a builder.

To make this happen, you must be willing to work with a team.

It takes one to dream but a team to get it done.

Never forget your purpose for investing…

Passive income that exceeds your expenses means Freedom.

Do you seek freedom?

It begins like this…

I have attained these 3 levels and it is possible for you too.

No matter where you live, it is possible.

I can help you…

You can start by getting my book “Real Estate CashFlow Machine“.

Passive income would help you to do what you love and are passionate about.

Real estate is the biggest and one of the most sustainable vehicles to make that happen.

You can get started today.

I hope this cash wisdom article has passed a message on how to Invest in Real Estate for Passive Income.


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