Type of Retirement You Need To Know

The Major Type of Retirement You Need To Know In 2022

There is 2 type of Retirement…

Chronological and Functional.

Functional is about income.

Chronological is about age.

Average Nigerian retires by age not income.

You don’t want to retire based on age but income.

You choose to do what you love because your income Producing assets funds your love.

Each unit of the apartment you buy is a Cashflow unit.

Each unit finances your retirement.

Retirement is not an age stream but an income stream.

One of the secrets of wealth creation is to be able to create a Cashflowing asset that mint you cash predictably, consistently and perpetually.

This is a modern-day way of financing your dream.

Many people quickly want to follow their passion like doing what they love but I have found a simpler way to do both…

I want to cater for others through my asset and proceeds from my assets to cater for what I love.

I don’t want you to kill your love by rushing to do it. Why not build an asset class to fund your world-class lifestyle.

How soon do you want to retire?

I have an asset that is 30 units of multifamily apartments that produce about 3M annually and it is 30 units.

Figure out how much that can generate for me yearly forever.

Creating a series of this kind of income Producing asset that is managed by an asset management company called “The Chuza Company” is how I get to my functional retirement.

You can do the same…

What is your lifestyle bill each month?

How many units of apartments would be able to fund it monthly?

How are you planning to get into getting that done right now?

If your dream is valid, it needs funding.

If you want to be very wealthy, you need to retire early.

How are you retiring?

Through pension or through cash-flowing assets.

One you can control but the other control you.

It is time to take massive action. So that you can create your own financial freedom paradise.

If you need help or you want more clarity on how I have done it for me and 1000s of others, you can send a mail stating “I need help!

And you can also pick up a guide that can help you by getting the “Real Estate CashFlow Machine” book and be on the waiting list for the total blueprint book called “Wealthstyle Investing” soon to be out.

See You At The Top…

Tade Cash

(King of Rental Income In Africa)

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